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300 years of hospitality in the heart of Rome


Kjersti and Jhonny

Hallo Adele Romanelli.

I promised you pictures from Vatican if we could find Melpomene, the muse of drama, mentioned by Henrik Ibsen in a letter to the other fameous wrighter and Nobel price winner, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. We are the norwegian couple staying at Cecil in november for 10 nights  and you helped us to find the sculpture Ibsen saw in Vatican in 1864. We found it, and here are the pictures of her. She is standing in the room of the 9 muses in the north-east part of the Vatican building. Thanks to this sculpture Ibsen tell that he could understand the greec culture. Later he out of this knowledge he wrote the fameous play Caesar and the Gallilean.

I must say that we love Roma, and we will come back several times


Hello Hotel Cecil,


We have just finished our trip to Rome for 5 days, we arrived at home in Belgium last night.


I would like to say that we enjoyed the stay in your hotel very much. The welcome was very warm and helpful, the staff was always very friendly, the breakfast was good and the expresso in the morning was perfect (the blond lady always did her best to serve us with a welcoming smile, perfect to start the day)! 


It was nice to go to the roof garden and enjoy the view and the piece and quiet.

The people who cleaned the room were very friendly and did a good job.


And best of all: we were very near to the subway and especially to the centre of the city.


Our trip to Rome was great and we were glad to stay in such a nice and warm hotel. We\'ll remember it for next time.


Best regards,


Everything went quite well, including a lime tea (Papagalo?) your sister had prepared for me after a slight food poisoning from finger-food at C42 Piazza di Pietra. ?Congratulation on the recent newspaper Article, I will pass it on.



Just got back home to Belfast after our 3 day stay with you, Room 310 and thought I would take the time to send you an e-mail on how we found your Hotel. The room was really nice, big and very clean, and all your staff were very friendly and helpful at all times, especially Sandy who cleaned our room, the location is great, and we would certainly stay there again and again. I can\'t understand some of the poor reviews I have read on this hotel in some of the web hotel booking services


Nous vous remercions pour l\'accueil qui nous a été réservé ainsi que les conseils pour nos visites. Nous sommes très contents de notre séjour dans votre hôtel, tout était parfait. A la prochaine fois. Rome est très belle et acceuillante Bien à vous


HRC s.r.l. via Crispi, 55 00187 Roma (IT)