A Beautiful World ... Mario Testino on exhibition in Rome

In the elegant rooms of Palazzo Bonaparte in Rome, the exhibition Mario Testino will be held from 25 May to 28 August 2024. At Beautiful World, a premiere that brings the spotlight to the latest creative adventure of Mario Testino, world-famous Peruvian p

After leaving an indelible mark in the world of fashion photography, portraying unforgettable icons such as Kate Moss, Madonna, Naomi Campbell and Lady Diana, Testino embarks on a journey of exploration that celebrates the diversity and richness of cultures through traditional costumes and costumes.

 "A Beautiful World" is the result of seven years of travel in about thirty countries, a project that collects over 70 large-format photographs, exhibited here for the first time, Testifying to Testino’s unique ability to capture the essence of cultural identities in a rapidly globalizing world.

 The exhibition, enriched by the words of Testino himself, invites visitors to reflect on the deeper meaning of the costumes and how they tell stories of community, individuality, and social changes.


Date/s: 25 May 2024 - 25 August 2024

Hours: 10:00 - 20:00



Palazzo Bonaparte

Piazza Venezia, 5 - Rome



Full: from € 16,50 - Reduced: from € 7,50