The Theatre of Ancient Rome

at the Ara Pacis Museum

From 21 May to 3 November 2024, the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome hosts the exhibition TEATRO. Authors, actors and audiences in Ancient Rome: an exhibition that offers an immersion in the theatrical culture of antiquity, revealing the vital force and popularity of the theatrical performances of Ancient Rome.

Through an engaging narration, visitors are led into the world of behind the scenes, between production mechanisms, dressing rooms and ancient stages. And then the lives of the actors, often difficult, and the stories of the great authors are told through multimedia interventions created ad hoc, which bring to life the voices and experiences of the protagonists of the Roman theater.


To guide the route, the theatrical masks, from the oldest of the fifth century B.C. to the most spectacular Roman ones. These finds not only reveal the scenic tradition of antiquity, but also show the origin of many characters of modern theater, such as the old misanthrope, the young seducer, the shrewd servant and young lovers.


With over 240 works from 25 different lenders, the exhibition presents authentic rarities such as the Attic production cup with a procession in honor of Dionysus, a terracotta mask from the Regional Archaeological Museum of Syracuse and the famous "Pronomos vase" from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, offering a unique experience to rediscover the roots of the theater through the centuries.



Date/s: 21 May 2024 - 3 November 2024

Hours: 09:30 - 19:30


Museum of the Ara Pacis

Lungotevere in Augusta (corner via Tomacelli) - Rome